A business built on love
and love of great food

An interest becomes a passion.

Our dad loved the food industry, but he didn’t enjoy the corporate life.  His passion was entrepreneurship.  In 1976, with a wife and three young kids at home, he took a leap of faith and started Waymouth Farms in our family garage.

4:00 am. The perfect time for a meeting.

Our dad’s idea was to sell bulk nuts, seeds and dried fruit in wooden barrels to produce managers of independent grocery stores.  He realized that while getting an appointment wasn’t easy, produce managers were early birds, often stocking the produce section well before dawn.  Our dad went to bed early and got up early – 3 am – so he could meet the produce managers on their terms. They appreciated his commitment and with their support the company grabbed a toe hold and began to grow. 

The delivery van was the family car.

Our family van was also the company delivery van.  Every time we drove to a function, we showed up smelling like freshly roasted nuts.  Our family trips often were planned around customer calls and our dad never passed up an opportunity to check out a new grocery store.

Handcrafted with care by people who care.

We saw first-hand important lessons about humility, hard work, and dedication in the pursuit of building a strong company.  Today we daily pursue our company values of integrity, goodwill and results in satisfying our employees, community, vendors, retail customers, and, most importantly, you, our consumer.  We hope you love our products as much as our dad did and as much as we do.

Truly, a family business.

The three of us grew up in the business and worked hard across all functions well into adulthood.  While we all eventually pursued separate careers in different fields, the gravitational pull of a family business always beckoned us.  In 2017, as our dad turned 80, he sold the business to we three kids and transitioned the company to the second generation.

Today, the business continues to grow as we build on and honor the legacy of our dad.  Waymouth Farms is now Good Sense Foods, which includes several, nationally-distributed, strong brands within its’ portfolio – Salad Pizazz!®, and Good Sense® Snacks.

A little bit about the company from the people who work here.

Hamdi Labir

“I like the fact that we are in the food business, that makes us considered essential to the community, state and country, by providing healthy snacks for our consumers.” “I respect the fact that we are patient about what we do. We want to do it right the first time, we are from different countries and cultures and our dignity remains the same here.”

Dion Gayden

“I like working for a family company, you know the people you are working for. Our core values are what make me proud of being part of this company.”